Magnetic Sound | Gallery Submission

A brief proposal for exhibition of Magnetic Sound artwork in your gallery.

1) Resume of Artist + Artist Statement

Information about Magnetic Sound project, team, and partnering organizations located here.

Exhibition History and non-exhaustive list of notable collections/commissions located here.

Artist statement located here.

2) Images of previous work

A reminder that the entirety of the Magnetic Sound project’s releases move beyond a collection of “art objects”, and into a diverse series of site-specific installations and audience-engaging performances. The work explores audience participation and impact of ritualized listening experiences on the state of mind of those participating.

That said, our portfolio page shows several site-specific installations, custom designs to integrate user interaction into specific architectures + communities, etc, located here.

Additional piece-specific details with dates, dimensions, and materials as requested, located here.

4) Sponsoring Organizations + Partners

Previous sponsors that have provided grants or in-kind support include Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, Canon Inc., D.S. Solidworks Corp., Intel Inc., NEW INC, Trestle Gallery, Mombucha Kombucha, apexart, littleBits Electronics, Inc., Boston Cyber Arts Gallery, and The New York State Council on Arts.

A non-exhaustive list of supporting sponsors + partners located here.

5) Gallery Representation

We don’t have an exclusive gallery representation, and we probably never will. As I discussed briefly with Ms. Hilary Norod at an in-person visit yesterday, we’ve secured the majority of our sales and highest price point commissions independently.

We did move a piece through the CENTRAL BOOKING ART SPACE in Lower East Side and still have a great relationship with Maddy Rosenberg the owner, though they have stepped down from tangible space into a digital gallery at this time.