What is The Magnetic Sound Project?

Magnetic Sound® is a growing collection of resonating sculptures designed to calm the mind.

Created as technically-inclined conceptual artwork, the sculptures generate magnetic energy to induce vibration in metal and wood, fusing traditional instrument design with innovative technology to create tranquil soundscapes the world has never before experienced.

The project debuted in 2014 as a release from creative technologist MJ Caselden, and has appeared in retreat and hospitality spaces, museums, public spaces, and meditation centers across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Collaboration with renowned tech entities such as Intel supported the development of a series of custom versions of Magnetic Sound systems, and acquired works reside in collections and private properties as part of a growing legacy in design and sonic innovation.


Project Contributors

MJ Caselden
Founder, Creative Director

Patrick Delorey
Design + Fabrication

Matthew Bergman

Stokes NYC
Design + Fabrication

Maria Christodoulou
Event Management

Bruce Jillian
Woodworking + Fabrication

Ksenia Zabotina

Victoria Sigler

Hellyn Teng
Exhibition Management

Lily Su
3D Modeling

Alyssa Moxley
Admin Assistance + Outreach

Dragan Zivkovic
Firmware Development

Gabriel Andrade
Creative Tech + Design

Nabi Salomon
Design + Fabrication

Andrew Hlynsky
Creative Tech + R&D

Joseph D. Hodler, Esq.
Legal + IP Guidance

Special Thanks to:

English Kills Art Gallery + 907 Crew, Andy Cavatorta

and Business Dev. Gurus: Bruce Nussbaum, Steve Milton, and Ed Caselden

Partners + Sponsors

We are grateful for the many supporting contributors and sponsors helping us make this innovation a reality:

MJ Caselden with one of his sound sculptures in a suite room at the Wythe Hotel in New York City.

MJ Caselden with one of his sound sculptures in a suite room at the Wythe Hotel in New York City.

About the Founder

MJ Caselden is a sound artist + creative technologist based in New York City.

MJ has a diverse background in electronic music and design, with training in electronics from the University of Southern California and New York University, as well as sound design from Berklee College of Music. Previous academic endeavors included signal processing research at Tsinghua University in Beijing and at USC's Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI).

An interest in energy exchange through technology led to prototyping and electronics design for new product ideas, starting with audio at Beats by Dr. Dre in Los Angeles. He was the starting engineer at littleBits Electronics, the NYC-based hardware startup, where he led firmware development for product releases as the company expanded.

MJ currently leads a studio in New York developing prototypes, products, and technically-inclined works of art, with design contributions for entities such as Intel, Lexus, and the Microsoft Music x Technology program with Listen.


For more information on the background, development, and self-interpreted significance of the Magnetic Sound project, follow this link to an Artist’s Statement