Press on Magnetic Sound

“…works that resonate in response to magnetic fields, and strive to spark shifts in consciousness.”

"...designed to alleviate the anxiety that folks face in this modern, tech-obsessed world."

“Magnetic Sound, a design company that creates tranquil sounds from magnetic energy exerted on strings, is showing how technology and the soul can be related.”
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“…detached from heavy thoughts; my body seemed buoyant and connected only to the many layered vibrations… When the session ended, I was still physically tired, but my mind felt clear and ready to focus.”
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“A new sublimated experience, different from traditional "music", coupled with philosophies of meditation and sound therapy.”

“…an exploration of energy flow and vibration, and impact on mood and consciousness.”

"...accessible and surprisingly visitor-friendly... Think of Gregorian Chants morphing into Tuvin (Mongol) Throat Singing."
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