Sound Sculpture

Resonating works of art.



Our resonating sculptures create encompassing sound environments called "soundscapes".

We offer soundscapes to integrate into lifestyle; to calm the mind for focused reflection or meditation.


Sculptures respond to motion and gesture to create sound.

Viewers can control the sounds, creating or selecting soundscapes to match their environment.



How The invention works


Magnetic Energy

Magnets drive energy into metal strings, causing the strings to vibrate.

View a more detailed explanation here.

Generative Software

Custom algorithms control the magnets, varying the magnetic fields over time.


Acoustic Vibrations

Vibrations spread through the entire wooden sculpture like a stringed instrument, creating sound.


Sound for a mindful space.


We offered this immersive sound installation at Lift Next Level Floats, a sensory deprivation/flotation therapy center in Brooklyn. A two-piece sound sculpture set in the lounge space of the center creates slow, meditative soundscapes.

Our goal was to integrate sound with the space to create an area for calmness, mental clarity and respite. Visitors to the center experienced this as a decompression both before and after their flotation experience.

Sensory deprivation can be deeply introspective; this mindful soundspace offers a safe post-float area for visitors to reflect and mentally acclimate before returning to the high-energy lifestyle of New York City.

Electromagnets vibrate the lowest metal string.

Electromagnets vibrate the lowest metal string.

A touch-pad interface allows visitors to trigger custom soundscapes.

A touch-pad interface allows visitors to trigger custom soundscapes.

A sculpture responds to light and motion to create sound.


What is it?

Sounding Box #11 is an interactive sound sculpture. As viewers approach and cast shadows on the installation, strings on the sculpture vibrate, generating acoustic sound. Participants can improvise and interact, controlling the sound through motion.

Why did we make it?

The purpose of this sculpture is to create harmonious sounds to complement the surrounding environment, and to allow each participant to create their own unique sonic experience.

This piece was a custom commission, designed for the littleBits Electronics office space in the Starret Lehigh building in Chelsea, Manhattan.



Magnetic Soundscapes in Hotel Suite


Magnetic Sound sculpture on display in the King Room suite. Guests control the soundscapes in the room with a touch-screen interface.

Exhibition and soundbath offered as part of the Work X Work radio lounge.



We offered guided group sound baths at this art space in Queens, New York.

Part of the Machines in Music Conference.


Immersive sound + lay-down space


Public showcase of Magnetic Sound sculptures in the New Museum's 231 Gallery for the NEW INC end of year group showcase, "Public Beta".

The exhibition featured a lay-down space for participants to engage in a direct sound bath experience, basking in the sonic atmosphere produced by these electroacoustic sculptures.



Selected Exhibitions and Showings

Selected Commissions + Acquired Works