Innovative Works of Art

designed to calm the mind


Invented in 2014 by creative technologist MJ Caselden, the Magnetic Sound project is a growing collection of sound-generating sculpture and guided listening experiences.

A New Invention

Fusing modern technology with traditional stringed instrument design, Magnetic Sound systems leverage magnetic energy to create vibrations and overtone-rich soundscapes. Find out more about how the designs work on our webpage.

The works explore the concept of custom electronics design and curation of raw physical energy as a medium, breaking beyond the confines of traditional fine art toolkits such as paint or static sculpture to create impactful sonic art. The roots of the practice bear influence from “Maker” culture and S.T.E.A.M.-oriented technical experimentation, with custom commissions from renowned tech entities such as Intel Inc. and littleBits Electronics Inc.

Development through Dialogue with the Public

As the practice grew across the first several years of exhibitions, dialogue with the audience developed into a series of group listening experiences dedicated to unified relaxation and search for peace of mind. The first exhibition to release this theme debuted at the 231 Gallery of The New Museum of Contemporary Art, and later developed into a series of workshop events in yoga studios, festivals, and public spaces such as the subway system of the City of Boston.

Current Form: Promoting Unity Through Tranquil Soundscapes in Public Spaces

Current incarnations of the project engage visitors by encouraging participation, offering audio prompts for breathwork to guide visitors into deeper states of relaxation or meditation. Headphones with audio recordings are available upon entry to the exhibition, introducing visitors to the complexities of the artwork, and offering guidance in a non-denominational meditation on the sound.

In an era of heightened political and social divisiveness, the works and their exhibition environments are intended to foster unity, self-reflection, and tranquility among strangers.

Bearing aesthetic similarities to Om chants, Mongolian throat singing, Tibetan singing bowl meditations, or the didgeridoos of Aboriginal Australia, Magnetic Sound systems create natural resonance in a new way, facilitating meditative listening and communal gatherings in a new generation.