Soundscapes from Magnetic Energy

An immersive sound installation comprised of two resonating sculptures positioned on opposite sides of the listening space.


Continuous Sound
Generative software fueling the installation creates new, unique harmonies each time the artwork is activated. An evolving source of sound creates an environment conducive to reflection, contemplation, or meditation.


Optional Guidance for Deep Breathing
Headphones with audio recordings are available upon entry to the exhibition, offering an introduction to the artwork and an optional guidance in deep breathwork, for a non-denominational meditation on the sound.

Bearing aesthetic similarities to Om chants, Mongolian throat singing, Tibetan singing bowl meditations, or the didgeridoos of Aboriginal Australia, Magnetic Sound’s “Infinity” creates natural resonance in a new way, encouraging meditative listening and a communal safe space for a new generation.


Relevance to Arsenal Gallery + Public Spaces

Thematically, Magnetic Sound systems tie together organic materials (the wooden vibrational structures) with contemporary technologies, representing man-made integration with natural systems. The result is an intimate, sonic retreat. In much the same way that urban parks are dedicated sanctuaries, Infinity is intended as an offering of safe space and vulnerability for the public amidst an urban environment.

Please consider working with us to make this experience available to more citizens of NYC. With a good execution, these designs have the capacity to create temporary community and unity among visitors.