Technical FAQ

Technical questions and troubleshooting with Magnetic Sound™ sculptures.


Amplification +


I see a 1/4" jack on the back of the sculpture... can I attach this to speakers?

If you are in a quiet environment, you may not need additional amplification. But, the sculptures can connect to external speakers or amplifiers. On the back of the sculpture, a 1/4" jack outputs line-level audio ready for any consumer audio equipment.

For a simple, low-cost, powered speaker, we recommend Tannoy's Reveal402.


Sometimes the sculpture makes a harsh buzzing sound on string number X... what is that??

The metal strings can sometimes vibrate against the metal electromagnets, making a loud buzzing sound.

We can easily fix this by changing the plastic bridge pieces; replacing them with new components that are higher, keeping the strings farther away from the magnet.

You could mail your sculpture back to us for the replacement, or we can mail the bridge pieces directly to you so you can switch them yourself... Please contact us to discuss.

Hard to Tune

I am having a difficult time tuning the sculpture just by listening to audio tones.

We have a new beta solution for this that might work better for you: it's an app that gives a visual guide, and can show you visually how much higher or lower you need to tune a given string.

A Quiet String

Some of the strings on the sculpture are very quiet... Sound is almost non existent.

Usually, the issue is that the strings are not in tune. When a string is not tuned correctly, it will be quiet. The reason for this is that the frequency of the magnetic field oscillations will not match the resonant frequency of the string.

To test this:

First tune the sculpture, then go back to check the volume of each string.

Also, it is important to not expect the volume of each string to be the same. The reason for this is that the natural acoustic properties of the wooden sculpture will resonate more loudly with some frequencies, and more quietly with others.

The goal of the artwork is not to maintain equal volume among all strings, but instead to work together as a combination of varied tones (some more loud, some more quiet). This variety is part of what makes the sound sculpture an object of natural beauty.

If, after tuning, you still find that a single string is extremely quiet, please contact us to discuss.

Bluetooth Connection

Sometimes the tablet fails to connect to the sculpture.

The first step to trouble-shoot this is to power the sculpture off, and back on.

If you try this several times and the tablet still does not connect, check the Bluetooth settings in the tablet, and be sure that the tablet is paired to the sculpture (it should show up as "HC05" in the settings).

If you are sure that the Bluetooth pairing settings are correct, and you have tried multiple times to power off the sculpture and the tablet and connection still fails, contact us for support.