Magnetic Sound Baths: Program Flow


This section is a primer for new centers and facilitators opening Magnetic Sound™ sessions to the public. These are guidelines for the traditional Magnetic Sound Bath™ experiences. If you wish to offer these experiences to the public, you will need to contact us to set up a partnership.



[10 minutes]

Facilitator welcomes group, and encourages participants to find space and posture that feels comfortable and safe.

Facilitator communicates our requested guidelines for the listening experience. We ask that participants abstain from:

  • talking
  • use of cell phones or smart devices

Facilitator communicates the following to the group:

  • Participants often move in and out of states of sleep, something called hypnagogia
  • Snoring and outright sleep is a common occurrence
  • We ask participants to commit to 40 minutes of silent group listening

Abdominal Breathing

[5 minutes]

Facilitator guides participants through abdominal breathing, and encourages participants to keep this breath as an anchor through the listening experience.

Group Listening

[35-45 minutes]

Facilitator is free to experiment with Magnetic Sound™ technology. Here are some suggested guidelines for facilitators:


Start Slowly, Change Slowly, End Slowly.

It's not uncommon to only activate 3 strings on each Magnetic Sound™ device throughout a given session, with several minutes passing between changes.

A single string alone will activate a series of rhythms. This, along with integration of breath, is enough activity to create a rich experience.


Resist the Temptation to Change

Explore pushing yourself to stay within a specific sound combination for a long time. This will help both you and other listeners to focus in on the rhythms of their breaths, or their own internal thoughts and visions.


Facilitators are participants

Facilitators are encouraged to maintain focus on their own breath and the sound, just as all other participants do.

We encourage facilitators to de-prioritize temptation to assess their own performance capabilities or "skill", and instead focus on simply experiencing the sounds and breathing as a member of the group.


Keep it Simple

The participants themselves are the true driving energy of a sound bath. The sound is only a guide. So keep it simple, and be sure to encourage participants to focus on their own thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.


Hold Silence + Hold Space

[10 minutes]

  1. Hold silence after fading out the sound. A long silent period of several minutes is encouraged.
  2. Facilitator invites participants to join the group in 3 deep abdominal breaths to conclude the session.
  3. Facilitator guides a small body-scan meditation, encouraging participants to bring awareness to their fingers, toes, and sense of mat against the back.
  4. Facilitator encourages participants to stay with the feeling of their breath, body, and the space.
  5. Facilitator encourages participants to slowly move up to a seated position to feel the space as a group.

  • Facilitator encourages participants to share thoughts, feelings, visions, ideas encountered in their experience.
  • Facilitator communicates that a goal of the practice is to provide a safe environment to discuss ourselves and our listening sessions.
  • Give Thanks: Facilitator reminds the group that with each breath, they are helping to define a new practice. Please thank the group for participating and helping to build a new tradition.

Group Share

[Open Duration]


Architecture and Equipment Setup


 Magnetic Sound Baths™ are held in quiet, open spaces, with sounds projected out from 4 different points. Be sure to check our Operation + Maintenance page for more information about environments.

Size and dimensions are flexible; usually any space that is large enough to accommodate a yoga class will be able to fit a large group sound bath.

Two resonating Magnetic Sound™ devices are located on the left and right sides of participants, while supplementing speakers are located on the left and right sides opposite of the room.