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Ganjasana Cannabis Plant Spirit Yoga w/ Magnetic Sound Bath

  • Earth Yoga 3000 Folsom Street Boulder, CO, 80304 United States (map)
  • Ganja Yoga Ceremony with Ganjasana
  • Cannabis Chai Tea
  • Regenerative Cannabis provided
  • LIVE Magnetic Sound Bath

$30 Pre-Registration/ $35 at the Door

Ages 21+

In a safe, sacred, setting, embody the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness as you connect with the ancient wisdom of the cannabis master plant!

Live music by MJ Caselden, NYC based artist who curates a fully immersive surround sound bath. A sound bath is an immersive listening experience where vibrating sculptures resonate,encompassing listeners in a wash of sounds that encourage participants to move into deeper states of alpha/theta neural oscillations, aka hypnagogia.

Founded on the principles of permaculture, cannabis used in ceremony is cultivated in no-till, living organic soil and grown with sustainably conscious methods mindful of the health of the plant, the environment and the people. Complimented with selected heirloom genetic cultivars, ceremonies are designed to model the regenerative nature of building plant-spirit relationships. Learn tools for plant communication, from soil to flower, as you deepen your alignment of body, mind and spirit with the earth.