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Calm the Mind: Magnetic Sound Bath & Hypnosis

A Magnetic Sound Bath led by sound artist & inventor MJ Caselden, and Morgan Yakus a modern Hypnotist. Together they will create a space to assist you in calming the mind, creating self reflection and listening to your inner guidance. The time together will include tools to transform and change your relationship to an issue, yourself, others and support in rebalancing the system. MJ will create a meditative listening experience.

You are invited to lay back and listen, immersed in a tranquil wash of soft sounds. The experience uses a new technology invented by Caselden: varying magnetic fields induce vibrations in metal and wood to produce sound resonance, creating mantra-like sounds conductive to deep listening and expansion.

We will embark on seeing your present and future paths as you would like to create or shift from your current perspective. These two hours are designed to help anyone who wants to create change and be more in the flow of their daily life. When you flow with transformation, you can genuinely feel empowered, stronger, and authentically happier. Everyone welcome!

We ask that you sign up before the sound bath, as space is limited:

Tickets are $30, please include the name of the workshop in your deposit.


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