An immersive sound installation from Magnetic Sound® comprised of two resonating sculptures positioned on opposite sides of the listening space.

An evolving source of sound creates an environment conducive to reflection, contemplation, or meditation.

Headphones with spoken-word recordings are available upon entry to the exhibition, offering an optional introduction to deep breathing for a relaxation response.

Contact for sales and media inquiries:

MJ Caselden


Installation is available for sale as limited edition set.

Free trial loans available in the spa and hospitality sectors, et al.

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Generative: Infinite Sound

These compositions are 'generative', meaning that the software creates new, unique harmonies each time the systems are activated.


Sound as a Mandala

The intention of this installation is to offer sound + guidance to help participants move into a meditative experience.

Similar to the way that a breath or chant is a center of focus in many Eastern meditation traditions, the soundscapes function as a template for deep listening to elicit a relaxation response.


Participant Experience Flow:


Biz Benefits of an Automated Sound Meditation Program:

  • Capable of servicing high volume of participants with minimal operating expenses

  • A turn-key system: minimal training necessary to integrate into your community or business

  • A competitive rarity in the spa/hospitality sector => Magnetic Sound® is an innovative, unique, technology

Participant Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Sound + Deep Breathing

  • Process Stress

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Access states of deep relaxation and/or sleep via reduced neural oscillation rate, reduced heart-rate

  • Activate your own natural relaxation response


Additional Needs + Requests

  • Quiet Space: The experience will need a dedicated quiet space. The systems do have an “OFF” button, so the installation can passively share space with other activities.

  • Power: The installation needs standard electricity to operate.

  • Tuning: Connect with a Magnetic Sound associate on Skype or cell 1x per week for guidance in tuning the strings.

  • Duration: We suggest a duration of 6-8 weeks as a trial loan exhibition, with option to purchase after trial.

  • Deposit: Magnetic Sound requests a deposit of $800 for a trial loan. After the systems are returned, Magnetic Sound will refund the deposit less the expenses needed to transport + install. View our trial agreement here.