Why Soundbathe?

Why do people engage in sound baths and sound meditation?

Information for those interested in trying Magnetic Sound™


Process stress and anxiety

For many participants, a sound meditation is a chance to recover from the stress of fast-paced life in the Information Age.

The experience offers a temporary departure from sensory stimulus, where participants are alone with their body and mind, free to reflect.


Deep Rest and sleep

Ambient sounds can help facilitate sleep. Some listeners will nap through a sound bath, and some enjoy Magnetic Sound in nighttime.


Eureka! Creative Thought and Problem-Solving

The sound bath experience can help guide listeners into the hypnagogic state of mind, a meditative mental state between asleep and awake.

Hypnagogia can facilitate creative thought and problem-solving. Many well-known artists and authors have used ideas and visions from this mental state as inspiration. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Salvador Dali