Algorithmic Soundscapes from Magnetic Energy


An immersive sound installation comprised of two  resonating sculptures positioned on opposite sides of the listening space.

Tablets cycle through a series of preset musical compositions, controlling magnetic fields that drive vibration into metal strings to create the sound.


Generative: Eternal Sound

These compositions are 'generative', meaning that random numbers will create new harmonies each time the artwork is activated. The title of the artwork, Infinity, is a reference to the combination of digital randomness and unpredictability of the acoustic structure, resulting in a theoretically infinite number of distinct playbacks.


Sound as a Mandala

The intention of this installation is to offer sound that can help facilitate a meditative experience.

Similar to the way that a breath or chant is a center of focus in many Eastern meditation traditions, the soundscapes are offered as a template for deep listening.



The sculptures are sold in a limited edition of 30 total pieces.

Please inquire for current pricing.


Addendum for WallPlay on Canal St.

  • Please review our Sound Meditation Guide to see the environmental conditions for an optimal experience.
    • Note that our most ideal exhibitions have a dedicated listening space
    • Conversely, exhibitions where people are holding conversations or conducting business (ie retail environment) in same environment as the artwork are usually mediocre or in some cases bad... To be discussed
  • We can vary the perimeter size of this exhibition
  • Budget Negotiable
    • We usually ask $2k license fee to make a workshop appearance
    • If we're doing 1-2 month exhibition, expect an additional ~$500 to compensate for maintenance/weekly tuning.