The Sound Bath Experience


A sound bath is an immersive listening experience. Vibrating sculptures resonate, encompassing listeners in a wash of sounds. The experience can facilitate deep relaxation, respite, and mental clarity among participants.

Sound bath meditations are a growing movement, gaining popularity in NYC and across the U.S. in yoga studios, meditation centers, spas, and other private communities. The New York Times reports that the benefits of the "vibrations can relax brain-wave patterns, lower heart rate, reduce stress and pain, [and] relieve anxiety". Participants of our sound baths often experience calmness and awareness of passing thoughts, memories, and visions.


WHAT is the experience like?

Many participants claim pronounced relaxation and reduction in anxiety both during and after the experience. It is not uncommon for participants to drift into hypnagogia, states of consciousness between awake and asleep. Some even engage in focused breathing exercises, incorporating techniques drawn from traditional meditation practices.

A sound bath creates a temporary break from the sensory stimuli of an active life, allowing listeners space with their thoughts and time to inspect their own internal mental narrative. Because of this, the experience is sometimes compared to other meditation techniques such as sensory deprivation therapy.


How does it sound?

During the session, the sounds will move around space, encompassing the listeners in a combination of slow, rhythmic soundwaves.

Live sessions are facilitated personally by MJ Caselden, the creator of the Magnetic Sound project. Improvising with a collection of sculptures, MJ crafts each sound bath to unify the group of listeners, guiding the group to a relaxed state.


How is it magnetic?

We integrate our own patent-pending invention to create the sounds. While most sound bath practitioners work with gongs or hand-held instruments, we use magnetic energy to induce vibrations in metal and wood. Check out our sound sculpture section to find out more about the invention.


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