Operation, Care, and Maintenance


Interested in purchasing or exhibiting Magnetic Sound™ artwork?

Read below to learn how to operate, maintain, and exhibit in the optimal environments:


Magnetic Sound sculptures must be tuned, just like a stringed acoustic instrument.

Expect to spend 5-10 minutes once or twice per week tuning the artwork.

Users with prior experience tuning a stringed instrument such as a guitar or cello can usually quickly and easily begin tuning the sculpture.

Users with no prior tuning experience will need to spend some time practicing before the tuning process becomes easy. If you are totally new to tuning, expect to take some time to learn. With some practice, it will become a quick and simple process.

We have supporting documentation on our website: www.magneticsound.com/how-to-tune

Temperature and Humidity

Similar to any wooden acoustic instrument, Magnetic Sound sculptures must be kept in room temperature environments without any strong variations in humidity. Extreme temperatures or humidity can cause the wood to distort. This will not only bring the artwork out of tune quickly, but may even cause permanent cracking and damage.

For a long lifetime, keep the artwork in environments with the following conditions:

Temperature:   60° - 80° F      or      15° - 27° C

Humidity:   45%  -  55%

Ambient Sound and Activity

We recommend quiet, low-activity environments for Magnetic Sound™. For an optimal sound experience, keep the artwork in areas with the following noise levels:

Environmental Noise:   < 45 dB

If you wish to test the sound in your space before installing artwork, you can use a smartphone app to read the decibel level (dB). We can recommend apps for iPhones and Android devices.

Contact us if you need guidance with this.

Amplification and Audio Output

Each sculpture has a 1/4" jack which outputs unbalanced line-level audio. This can connect to speakers.

Each sculpture has a 1/4" jack which outputs unbalanced line-level audio. This can connect to speakers.

In quiet environments, the artwork may not need additional speakers for amplification. But, users can connect any standard consumer audio equipment to the artwork to boost the volume, or even to record the sound.


For a simple, low-cost, powered speaker, we recommend Tannoy's Reveal402. Please contact us for support in your selection.


The artwork is powered by electronics, so it will need electricity to run.

Each sculpture comes with a -12V DC power adapter that will connect to standard United States 120V electrical outlet.