What is Magnetic Sound?


curating natural vibrations + sound

For a calmer lifestyle


Magnetic Sound® is a growing collection of resonating sound sculptures designed to calm the mind.

Created as technically-inclined conceptual artwork, the sculptures generate magnetic energy to induce vibrations in metal and wood, fusing traditional stringed instrument design with innovative technology to create tranquil soundscapes the world has never before experienced.

The project debuted in 2014 as a release from creative technologist MJ Caselden, and has appeared in retreat and hospitality spaces, museums, public spaces, and meditation centers across the United States and Europe.

Collaboration with renowned tech entities such as Intel supported the development of a series of custom versions of Magnetic Sound systems, and acquired works reside in collections and private properties as part of a growing legacy in design and sonic innovation.

Magnetic Sound systems are available for sale as unique, limited edition, and unlimited edition series, with custom commissions available upon request.

View works for sale here: www.magneticsound.com/purchase

Portfolio of works here: www.magneticsound.com/sound-sculpture