Soundscapes from Magnetic Energy

Soundscapes to Calm the Mind


An immersive sound installation from Magnetic Sound® comprised of two resonating sculptures positioned on opposite sides of the listening space.

The installation features a voiceover prompt to guide participants through deep breathwork, eliciting a relaxation response.

Beta version available for free trial loans in the spa + hospitality sector.

Contact: for demo + inquiries.


Generative: Infinite Sound

These compositions are 'generative', meaning that the software creates new, unique soundscapes each time the artwork is activated.


Sound as a Mandala

The intention of this installation is to offer sound + guidance to help participants move into a meditative experience.

Similar to the way that a breath or chant is a center of focus in many Eastern meditation traditions, the soundscapes function as a template for deep listening to elicit a relaxation response.