Budget Estimate:

Magnetic Sound @ Harvard Business School

(undisclosed economic conference)



Sound Bath Program

1 hour program timeslot.

  • Installation of 4-point surround sound system
  • Program includes:
    • live guided introduction to deep breathwork for relaxation response
    • 40 minutes immersive sound
    • body-scan meditation to return group


Flat Fee for ~40 participants @ $40 per participant: $1600


Immersive Soundscapes

A surround-sound installation for self-guided meditative listening.


  • Headphones with vocal prompts to guide participants through deep breathing and active listening for a relaxation response

Fee: $1600 to support transport, install, 2 full days of exhibition, and one supporting assistant.

Estimated Total Cost: $3200

Open Questions to discuss with Harvard Business School:

  1. Come to a decision on lay-down mats
  2. Confirmation on space to finalize architecture of the installation. Note Magnetic Sound could create a custom installation
    1. space,
    2. aesthetics
    3. and even sound desired
  3. Overnight accommodations for 1 assisting member of Magnetic Sound team?