The Soundscapes App

An advanced tutorial to create your own soundscapes using Magnetic Sound®


How can I create a soundscape for meditation?

There is no "wrong" way to create your sound, but here are some guidelines for style and experience that have worked well for us in previous sessions. Be sure to look at our sound meditation guide as well.


  • Start Slowly, Change Slowly, End Slowly.

    • It's not uncommon to only activate 3 strings on each Magnetic Sound® device throughout a given session, with several minutes passing between changes.
    • A single string alone will activate a series of rhythms. This, along with integration of breath, is enough activity to create a rich experience.


  • Resist the Temptation to Change

    • Explore pushing yourself to stay within a specific sound combination for a long time. This will help both you and other listeners to focus in on the rhythms of your breaths, or internal thoughts and visions.
    • You may feel a pressure to change the sound, and this will grow as a subtle tension. Activating or deactivating a note will change the sound, leading to tension. Explore slow, repeated tension and release.